To leverage our experience and expertise to take charge of the security at every location of our service engagements to safeguard the lives and properties of our clients.

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Prestige Protection Service is a California-based company that specializes in providing professional security services for homes and corporate organizations in Inland Empire, Orange County, and Los Angeles.
Our service is driven by continuous innovation that helps us curtail the ever-evolving spate of security-related challenges.
Since the inception of our service, we had synergized security intelligence, sight surveillance, and cutting-edge technology to provide services that focus on proactively preventing security breaches.
Our highly trained security personnel have the knowledge and expertise to identify potential security-related situations and take charge before it escalates without inciting tension at our customer’s premise.
Our goal is to take charge of the security of the lives and properties of our customers while affording them peace of mind.
We establish bespoke standard operating procedures in all our service engagements that integrate our security services with our client’s operation seamlessly.
Our Standing Guards, Armed Guards, and Vehicle Patrol services are designed to be flexible to serve our clients objective.
We are available to provide security services for one-off events such as parties, corporate events, political rallies, etc.
We also offer services on a contractual basis for corporate organizations, public enterprise, construction sites, industries, and residences.
We continually innovate our services to prevent internal security compromise as well as external security breach to avail our clients with cost-efficient and highly-effective protection services.


To be the top provider of protection services in the State of California based on the efficiency and quality of service delivery.

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